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Curriculum & Training Expertise in a Career Spanning 6 Years

My primary career goal is to effectively enhance web and computer-based instructional programs by performing qualitative and quantitative analysis, and reviews of procedures, processes, and techniques.  I will also promote project awareness and integrity, and encourage creativity and innovation by modeling leadership skills.

I am seeking a leadership position as a Senior Instructional Designer or Program Analyst.  I am also looking to expand my horizons with contract management.

Professional Experience

Instructional Systems Specialist, Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd., Lexington Park, MD 05/05 – Present

  • As Team Lead managed Subject Matter Expert (SME) curriculum reviews by collecting, examining, and combining all comments across Government, Contractor and Fleet Instructors.
  • Created communications plan for project stakeholders in order to form sound communication practices and minimize risks of cost overrun, wasted man-power, project delay, and degraded product.
  • Prepared curriculum review tracking spreadsheet for customer identifying the status and release dates of review events for instructor guides, storyboards, and on-screen lessons.
  • Kept customer informed of CDRL delivery status by ensuring that updates were performed on a daily basis when notifications and reviews were received.
  • Reviewed instructor guides, storyboards, and task simulations for UMFO GBTS program for accuracy, completeness, and accomplishment of Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) curriculum requirements.
  • Performed edits to curriculum guides across all phases of UMFO Training by consolidating inputs from Training-Wing 6 Subject Matter Experts and implementing all data into guides for approval.
  • Developed requirements testing critique checklists against instructional media and performance requirements.
  • Created and managed SharePoint site for Imagine One’s Training Support System team.
  • Ensured CDRL due dates were met by performing action item tracking and expediting reviews to SMEs as needed.
  • Designed web-based training courses from inception to deployment by modeling the systematic approach to training.
  • Developed detailed storyboards for courseware using a collaborative learning content management system. Each storyboard was developed to include student interaction, relative graphics, animation, content, voice-over, background music and appeal.
  • Developed criterion-referenced objectives and performance-based task analyses with measurable and observable assessment.
  • Conducted curriculum assessments for web-based training courses. Each assessment included level of difficulty, assessment item type, and remediation.
  • Designed courseware simulations and multimedia interactions for government clients.
  • Utilized project management skills to ensure customer requirements, content accuracy, and customer deliverables were met.
  • Provided distance learning system development and management support.
  • Assisted documentation with developing software user manuals by performing peer reviews for consistency, content accuracy, grammar, and other needed improvements.
  • Developed technical user manuals and job aids for course projects and software utilization.
  • Designed layouts for content that are conducive to learning.
  • Performed peer and quality assurance reviews of manuals and web-based learning courses.
  • Collaborated with Subject Matter Expert (SME) and project managers to conduct needs/audience analysis, develop training objectives and course outline, design course content, storyboards, and assessment items.
  • Compiled and organized information in order to write and edit instructional materials to adapt classroom-based courseware, reference documents, and raw materials into clear, effective, interactive e-learning.
  • Created narrative scripts and determined instructional strategies and media elements (graphics, animation, and audio) to be used in the course.
  • Drove team collaboration to a shared understanding of course content and requirements to arrive at effective graphic approach, technical development, navigation, and functionality.

Training Programs Specialist, Constellation Energy, Lusby, MD 03/04 – 05/05

  • Consulted on types of analysis needed for new tasks, procedures and equipment.
  • Assisted subject matter experts in analyzing jobs/tasks upon request.
  • Managed the Subject Matter Expert program for the site.
  • Observed and provided feedback to Nuclear Training Department instructors.
  • Conducted self-assessments of accredited training programs.
  • Evaluated aspects of training programs upon request of line or training supervision.
  • Performed assessments for accredited training programs.
  • Ensured that Issue Reports were written against problems found during assessments.
  • Reviewed lesson plans and course materials.
  • Created and maintained databases, observation reports and qualification tasks.
  • Acted as Program Coordinator of the Initial Instructor Training Program for new instructors.
  • Acted as Program Coordinator of the Continuing Instructor Program for qualified instructors.
  • Analyzed and recommended effective ideas for company leadership conference presentations.
  • Acted as team member of performance investigations on Training Programs.
  • Coordinated quarterly meetings and agendas to improve instructor performance and determine needs.
  • Acted as Co-Chair of the Community Council Committee.


  • The eLearning Guild. Associate member; 10/06 – Present.
  • The American Society for Training and Development. Member; 12/02 – 12/03.
  • NCAA Student Athlete Advisory Council:  University of Akron. Leader; 09/99 – 09/01.


  • MS Excel
  • MS Publisher
  • Visual Basic
  • Moodle
  • MS Access
  • MS Word
  • Flash
  • UNIX
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Visio
  • Captivate
  • HTML


  • Exemplary Project Performance; Imagine One Technology & Management, Ltd (2007).
  • Letter of Appreciation; SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston (2007).
  • CCNPP Initial Instructor Training Program; Instructor, Participant, and Coordinator (2004).
  • 4 year NCAA Division I athletic scholarship; University of Akron Softball Team (1998-2002).
  • 1st Team All-Tournament Team for Mid-Atlantic Conference; NCAA Softball (2002).
  • NCAA Leadership Award; NCAA Student Athlete Conference (2001).
  • Big League Little League Softball Championship; District 7 Softball Team Member (1998).


Education & Credentials

  • Top Secret/Single Scope Background Ivestigation Clearance. Department of Defense (DoD); 01/08.
  • University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Master of Science. Distance Education; 08/09.
  • University of Akron. Bachelor of Science. Technical Education; 05/03.
  • University of Akron. Associates of Applied Business. Computer Information Systems; 05/02.
  • University of Maryland University College. Graduate Certificate. Distance Education Leadership; 08/08.
  • University of Maryland University College. Graduate Certificate. Foundations of Distance Education; 12/07.
  • University of Maryland University College. Graduate Certificate. Distance Education & Technology; 08/07.
  • BCF 103 – Business Financial Management; Defense Acquisition University (DAU); 11/09.
  • LOG 101 – Acquisition Logistics Fundamenals. DAU; 08/09
  • ACQ 201 – Intermediate Systems Acquisition Management. DAU; 06/09.
  • ACQ 101 – Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management. DAU; 05/09.
  • National Academy for Nuclear Training. Instructor Qualification; 03/05.


  • Innovative Learning Techniques at the Middle Atlantic Nuclear Training Group Workshop (2004).
  • Presentation Skills for Technical Instructors at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (2004).

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