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Technology in Distance Education

OMDE 603


A review of the history and the terminology of technology used in distance education (DE), building on the topics and technological issues raised in OMDE 601. The basic technology building blocks of hardware, networks, and software are identified. The characteristics of asynchronous and synchronous technologies and tools used in the teaching and learning, as well as the administration, of DE are analyzed. The relationship between technology and the goals of the educational/training organization are critically examined. The relationship between information technology and DE is explored, with special emphasis placed on online technology. Topics covered include the criteria and guidelines for selecting technologies for DE and the future directions of technology in DE.



The Technology in Distance Education course was among my top five favorite courses in the MDE program. This course taught me about the SECTIONS (Students, Ease of use, Costs, Teaching and Learning, Interactivity, Organizational Issues, Novelty, Speed) model that is often used as an assessment tool of a specified technology. I enjoyed this tool so much that I currently use it as a part of my professional job when the company is seeking a new technology for unspecified improvement. This course also introduced me to student support as a subset of technology analysis, which has helped steer me in where I would like to focus my career in distance education.

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