Kerstin Howard e-Portfolio

Synch and Asynch Learning Systems in DE

DETC 630


An examination of synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (non-real-time) tools and technologies used in online education. Topics include synchronous functions such as text chat and audio/video conferencing and asynchronous functions such as e-mail, threaded Web discussions, blogs, and wikis. Each communication model is examined critically in both a research and an applied context. Review also covers how synchronous and asynchronous modes of communication are incorporated in learning management systems.



I completed this course prior to fall 2007 when it was called “Advanced Technology in DE 2 – Asynchronous Learning Systems”. This course focused solely on asynchronous technologies in distance education, along with when, how and why they should be used in specific situations. The assignments helped me to learn why we apply asynchronous technologies to certain activities in the classroom. I learned how to draw and analyze online course topologies that could determine how successful an online network could operate based on networking hardware and infrastructure of the network. I benefited so much more from this course due to my background in computer information systems. I was already familiar with networking principles; so it was interesting to see exactly how the infrastructure of distance education fit into the technical aspect of networking.


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