Kerstin Howard e-Portfolio

Student Support in Distance Education and Training

OMDE 608


An introduction to the theories and concepts of support for learners in distance education and training. The various types of learner support, including tutoring and teaching; advising and counseling; and library, registrarial, and other administrative services are examined. Management issues, such as planning, organizational models, staffing and staff development, designing services to meet learner needs, serving special groups, and evaluation and applied research are addressed. In the final part of the study, an opportunity is provided to apply theory to designing a learner support model for a particular context (e.g., public or private educational institution, corporate or military training).



The Student Support in Distance Education Training course introduced me to many different support methods and the many theories behind them. This course helped me realize that support is vital to learner success. In this course, I was able to create a proposal for a learning support system, suggest effective methods to adequately support learners in their quest for knowledge, and argue that the new automated affordances of the web will never completely replace human contact for student support. Through my research I was able to identify with key authors that spoke of learners as different individuals and that each needed support based on their own specific needs.  Through my study in Student Support in Distance Education and Training, I learned that not only is conferencing a tool that helps construct knowledge, but also a method of support…learners will be able to seek, find, and provide answers to a multitude of questions.


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