Kerstin Howard e-Portfolio

Portfolio and Project in Distance Education

OMDE 670


A capstone study of distance education and training designed to demonstrate cumulative knowledge and skills through two major projects: an electronic portfolio and a case study. The personal e-portfolio documents credentials and accomplishments to date and also serves as an ongoing resource and record of continuing professional development. The case study, which focuses on a distance education/training program or organization, involves in-depth analysis of the setting and application of concepts and strategies to enhance practice and performance in distance education and training.

Project Papers


The portfolio and project in distance education course truly showed me exactly what I was capable of.  I didn’t know that I was capable of writing a paper over 20 pages while being able to develop an e-portfolio that showcases my talents.  I was able to perform a literature analysis for the first time, which was a true learning experience for me.  Through viewing what others have done in their literature review, I was finally able to develop a format that seemed to please my instructors.  The topic of my project doesn’t have too much literature out there for analysis, but I was able to compare and contrast what two authors believed in any specific topic.  Overall, I am very happy with my two deliverables and believe that my experience alone in this course will help me achieve anything!


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