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Learning and Training with Multimedia

DETC 620


An examination of the use of digital media in a variety of educational settings to identify properties, strengths, and weaknesses of multimedia in different learning contexts. Basic psychological processes of perception, understanding, and learning are introduced. Multimedia and instructional design for online learning systems, such as Web-based training, are a special focus. Hands-on experiences with several multimedia and online learning and information systems are provided. Additional topics covered include groupware and collaborative learning technologies, intelligent systems, instructional simulations, and virtual reality systems. The module has been developed by Joachim Hasebrook (Germany).



The Learning and Training with Multimedia was my favorite course in the MDE program. I had the best learning experiences through completing the course assignments. I learned how distance education started with the correspondence generation and am amazed at how we got to where we are now.  I am also pleased to see where distance education is heading in the future. The multimedia appraisal project solidified exactly where I want to go upon completing my degree. The Qualitative Weight & Sum method by Michael Scriven (1991) has become a major part of my tool-kit when it comes to media-decision analysis.
*Scriven, M. (1991). Introduction: The Nature of Evaluation. In: Evaluation Thesaurus, ed. M. Scriven, 4th ed. Newbury Park: SAGE.


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