Kerstin Howard e-Portfolio

Instructional Design and Course Development in Distance Education

DETT 607


An opportunity to examine the instructional design process, its history and place in today’s course development efforts, and the use of instructional design components in practice. Emphasis is on the nature of learning and the requirements for effective instruction. The theoretical underpinnings of learning are explored and applied to the course project, the design of a prototype classroom. Management issues surrounding the course and curriculum development efforts are discussed, and a comprehensive curriculum management plan is developed.



This course has further expeanded my knowledge, skills, and capabilities as an instructional designer. I entered this course expecting to re-learn everything that I learned in my educational and professional experiences and training, but I ended up being wrong. I specifically learned how to perform a goal and detailed contextual analysis. There are many supporting elements within each phase and step of the ISD proess that can be used for deeper analysis and understanding of the course, learner, and subject. I also learned that every step or element of the ISD process is not needed at all times. Performing certain methods within a front-end analysis just to perform a full analysis can cut into costs and time for development. This was a very rewarding course and I am so happy that it was the course to complete my study in the Masters of Distance Education program.

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