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Foundations of Distance Education

OMDE 601


An overview of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are required by a competent practitioner of distance education. Critical concepts and issues identified in the distance education literature are explored and the history and theories of the field are critically examined. The course has been developed by Ulrich Bernath (Germany) and Eugene Rubin (USA) in collaboration with Borje Holmberg (Sweden) and Otto Peters (Germany).



The Foundations of Distance Education course introduced me to the world of distance education. One of the first tasks in this course was to define distance education in my own words. The research that I performed on the definition alone yielded so many results, which peaked my interest. Another related task was to collaborate with my peers to define distance education in our own words. This task alone brought clarity and allowed me to see how important collaboration is to the learning environment. I had a very difficult time adjusting t the spatially separate learning environment, but came to realize how I was able to make better educated responses in course conference than I had in the traditional classroom in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed the written assignments in this course. I learned the most from the Transactional Distance assignment. In this assignment, I first learned about learner autonomy; it was here that what was requested of me in the MDE program clicked. I now understood exactly what the learning format was trying to help me achieve, autonomy.


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